Westward Bound

Traps, Tricks and Beasts

After returning to the Post, the band was met with some new faces from Brevoy. Keston Garess, a captain of the 4 guards sent to help protect Olaf's, and Jhad Kavken, a priest of Erastil, had made themselves comfy in the post. Seeing all of these new faces starting to settle down in these wild lands, Boh the Barbarian decided that he was not ready for a true adventure just yet and wanted to stay to help protect Olaf, and that in the coming weeks he may change his mind. As they left to the west, the party traveled into the forest close to Olaf's. Throughout the forest there were many tricks that seemed to be played on the party. Ullr had rocks placed in his hood and Reshoy had his waterskin pierced. But the worst of the pranks were those upon Tawodi. While making a fire, it seemed to explode in his face, and while trying to get off his horse, himself and his horse, Glupot, slipped as if standing on grease. After a quick reflex, Reshoy narrowly avoided a bear trap. After some tracking from Ullr (who seems to be quite skilled in it), Reshoy was able to find 29 bear traps that were thrown about with no true plan for trapping or for defense. After finding the traps, a pack of wolves set upon the party. After taking them down, Tawodi felt that Desna would disapprove of his actions, and healed 2 of them and watched them flee.

As they exited the forest, the group came across the plains on the other side of their territory. Off in the distance, Ullr spotted a small piled of stones that did not seem natural. After some magical prodding, Tawodi decided to dig up the cairn much to the disgust of Ullr and Reshoy. In the grave was an old body of a barbarian from Numeria, buried with his weapons, as well as a green ring with an eel on it that seemed to have a magical aura. Tawodi and Reshoy replaced the cairn and made sure to be respectful of the fallen warrior, while Ullr determined that the ring was a magical Ring of Swimming. The next morning, they came across a large black dog that seemed to be eating a rabbit. As it noticed the party, it spoke in common to the barbarian. "Rabbits are great but I think you would be a better meal," and decided to attack the group. Ullr got a few arrows into it, before Tawodi commanded the beast to flee.

As the company headed back into the forest, they came across a large deadfall that had killed its trapmaster and also some mysterious tracks of a lizard the size of a cat. Soon a very unexpected and mysterious hailstorm with high winds fell on the forest. As they continued on through the storm, Ullr got a quick glimpse of large butterfly wings that he believed were that of a faerie dragon. Tawodi channeled some healing in the direction that Ullr pointed out, to hopefully gain the respect of the creature and heal any unexpected wounds from the hail. After the storm, they decided to head back to the trading post to heal up and resupply.



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