The Flying Creature

Weird creature, perhaps abberant or fae?

After heading south into forested terrain, the adventures encountered a creature about the size of a common cat able to fly on it own with unseemly eyes and a particularly large mouth. It was originally unclear if the being was hostile, but since their charter asked for the clearing out of dangers, the adventures were left with little choice but to engage. After it perceived their notice, the creature shrunk down to the size of an insect and skittered away into the underbrush. Everyone moved into better formation; Tawodi headed in the direction last seen and while doing so was swatted by the thing. Its intentions now determined, Tawodi struck back. The alchemist aimed where he assumed it to be, but that served to arouse the creature's anger and the only good that did was bring it into the open. Most attacks seemed to be evaded, and even those that clearly hit seemed barely to scratch it. Ullr and Telbin brought their ranged skill to bear, while Tawodi, Nyktan, and Vendrix encircled the creature to combat it up close. Perhaps the monster had power over the mind, because it seemed like Telbin aimed awful close to his newfound companions and Nacarius tried to take a bite of his rapier. Calling upon the divine, Tawodi leeched of its essence with small effect. Also calling upon a god of somekind, Ullr fired an arrow that seemed to glow with a holy light that stuck true. Frustratingly, it seemed as though the monster had defenses against attack both martial and magical. After taking a few knocks, the monster ascended out of their sight and range, but the mental effects lingered and the alchemist had to be pummeled. Tawodi called upon Desna, who provided healing. The monster left of its volition, hardly suffering defeat by the adventurers, which left them puzzled. Was this weird creature aberrant or fae, or even rare to these woods? What was the likelihood of its return or attacks from more of its ilk? Perhaps there was more to the Stolen Lands than any of them could've guessed.



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