The Bear and the Shrine

Cleansing the Hidden Shrine of Erastil

The adventurers left the woods and came across a clearing with a circle of large worn stones much taller than any of them, a stagnant pool gathered within a low wall, and a series of crumbling stairs leading to what appeared to be the wide mouth of a large cave. Nyktan knelt and prayed to his god Erastil, for whom he believed this space had been consecrated. Before long, this drew the notice of a large bear that had made the cave its den. Tawodi felt that this creature had violated the sanctity of this hallowed ground but Nyktan was undeterred by the bear, perhaps believing it was a sacred guardian of the woodland shrine. When the bear rushed out to ferociously engage Nyktan, the party had to make a quick decision about the somewhat unlikely goodness of the bear or saving their companion's life! Rather than see the catfolk ranger crushed in cruel embrace, they leapt into action and moved to protect him. After the struggle and the bear's collapse into death, the form of the bear shifted to that of a wizened old man, and then disintegrated into dust. Thereafter, cleansing magic scoured the circle of standing stones and the water in the pool became clear and refreshing. The adventurers ascended the steps, now renewed, and entered a sacred space that had been carved from the side of a low hill. There was evidence of the bear having laired there, but even this was being swept away by divine power. The shrine had been reconsecrated, the heroes deeds favored by Erastil, and more of the land made safe and secure from dangers.



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