Moon Radishes

Rumors and Revenge

As they came back to Olaf's, Keston rewarded them for completing the bounty placed on the bandits. He also told the party to keep a lookout for a mercenary named Fulgrim. Fulgrim had been hired, but he stole from his company and made off to join the bandits. He would be easier to recognize as a human missing his left eye brow because he burned it off, and that Restov wanted him brought back alive. Svetlana also asked the party to bring back some moon radishes so that she could make some Moon Radish Soup for her husband. She pointed to a point 16 miles south as to where they are located. Also from the others in the Trading post, they had heard some rumors.

  • <s>A trapper had been lost in the woods. He was ill-tempered and had not been seen for days.</s>
  • The Stag Lord is the king of the bandits and is still at large.
  • The amulet that the bandits carry, represents a cult to a hideous animal demon.
  • <s>The Frog tribe in the east had began to move west to expand their territory and had closed down the East Sellin River, which was the main trade river in the east.</s>

The group decided to go south to get the moon radishes since they were relatively close. As they marched, they entered a somewhat swampy part of the forest and were attacked by some Boggards (seemingly the frog tribe of the east). The battle was short but they had killed Tawodi's horse. As they rode upon the radish patch, they found a group of kobolds sleeping off a lunch. Reshoy snuck up and stabbed one with his own spear, and turned and quickly dispatched 2 more with his greatsword. As Tawodi turned to finish off the last one, the beast from before (possibly a warg) crept up, but was spotted by Ullr. It quickly killed off Reshoy's horse, but with teamwork from all 3 adventurers, it went down. The party then grabbed some of the radishes and returned to Olaf's with them.



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