Meeting New Adventurers

Nyktan, Vendrix LaBon, and Telbin join.

After returning to Olaf's Trading Post, the group showed Olaf the head to claim yet another reward. Sadly he stated that it was not the Tatzlwyrm as they had hoped but just a whiptail worm and that they are common. Keston told the returning adventurers that Brevoy had sent more explorers after hearing of the demise of Reshoy to the Owlbear. The band met Nyktan, a catfolk ranger, Vendrix LaBon of Brevoy, and the shadowy Telbin who were also chartered by Brevoy to explore the Greenbelt. After losing one barbarian to the call of a settled life in the trading post and the death of the other one, the party accepted them and out into the wilderness they went.



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