Into the Stolen Lands

The sloth of Bandits

The Greenbelt, an area between Brevoy and the lawless River Kingdoms, has long been an area of contention and dispute. To try and rectify this, Brevoy has chartered three parties to explore, clear out bandits, and help the people in the land. One of the parties was dispatched to Olaf's Trading Post. These brave one are the heroes of our story.

The heroes are Reshoy Fin, an Aasimar Numerian barbarian; the dwarf barbarian Boh, seemingly of noble lineage; Tawodi of the Hawk, Aasimar War Cleric of Desna, with golden eyes and adorned in feathers; and Ullr, a hooded Elf of small stature who seems a bit religious with an air of mystery about him.

Upon entering the Trading Post, the band met Olaf and his wife Svetlana. Speaking with them over dinner, Olaf and Svetlana told them that the bandits plaguing the area have been coming monthly to take goods from the trading post as protection money, and had also stolen Svetlana's ring. The bandits would be back a little after dawn tomorrow to grab the next payment. Their leader seemed to be a white-haired crazy woman wielding two handaxes. The party decided to stay the night and get up before dawn to set an ambush for the bandits. Early the next morning, four bandits rode into the trading post and began to harass Olaf. Jumping on a table and loosing an arrow, Ullr sprang the ambush. Tawodi quickly bashed one with a barn door while Reshoy and Boh cleaned up the others. One was captured and questioned, so that the band learned their camp was 30 miles south on the Thorn River. The captured bandit was left in Olaf's custody, and the adventurers headed south towards that camp.

They found the camp, and discovered that lookouts were on guard from high perches. The furthest lookout quickly took three arrows in the chest and fell from his lofty perch, while Boh and Ullr took down a minion on the ground. Tawodi and Reshoy rushed the leader. When Reshoy charged the leader, Tawodi threw alchemist's fire on the last lookout in his perch, hitting him right in the face. The two barbarians quickly took down the crazy woman. After she was knocked unconscious and the camp looted for what could be carried off, the adventurers departed the camp. When the crazy woman came to, she was questioned but refused to cooperate. Boh sliced her throat. Content that this bandits' camp close to the Trading Post had been dealt with, the party returned to Olaf's, still with no further information about the Stag Lord, overall leader of the bandits, or his whereabouts.



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