Exploring the East

Alchemy, Night terrors and a spider's treasure

Svetlana was extremely grateful for the radishes, when they returned. Before the party left again, Jhad asked them to keep a lookout for the lost temples to Erastil, with a prominent one guarded by a large bear. The party also met a new face at the post. Another adventurer chartered to explore the area to help due to the change in heart of Boh. An elf alchemist that goes by the name of Nacarius Libo. We also were told of another rumor.

  • A bridge crossing the Shrike River had been burned by bandits and was now haunted by the ghost of Davile Nevils.

With the once again large party, they ventured off to the east. Not far into their trek, they came across a large Owlbear in the distance. It seemed full from hunting, but Reshoy decided to run after it. Tawodi and Nacarius looked confused and shocked by the barbarian, as Ullr shouted to Reshoy that it seemed like a bad idea. But it was too late. With 2 swipes the barbarian went down and with another 2 was disemboweled and carried off to the south by the creature. Filled with grief but determined to complete the charter, the 3 adventurers continued east. During the first night with the new party member, during Nacarius's very first watch, they were ambushed by a werewolf. When all hope seemed lost, the sun rose and the creature fell unconscious and transformed back to a man. As Ullr, stood up and placed a blade at the lycanthrope's throat, the party noticed that he was missing his left eyebrow. After being interrogated, it was discovered that this was Fulgrim and that when he transforms he suffers amnesia. He didn't remember the company he was with but remembers being accused of their murders. The company decided to bind him and knock him out to transfer Fulgrim back to Olaf's and into Keston's custody immediately. When back at the post, the party warned Keston of Fulgrim's Lycanthropy. While Keston decided what to do with his new prisoner, the party made orders with Olaf for special items.

Back in the wild, the company came across a hut to the east with many tracks to and from the building and the road nearby. As they approached, an old weathered man stepped out and greeted them as Bokun. He told them that he moved from the cities for more quiet and easier access to ingredients. The one component that is outside his ability and time to acquire was fangberries. The party offered to bring some back for him. Bokun told them that he only needed enough for 7 potions, that they had to be clean, and that they were 60 miles due south from Olaf's. As a reward, upon delivery he offered a 25% discount for a month. Before they left, Tawodi filled his rain barrels and offered to convince Keston to send a patrol around every so often to check up on him. As they continued to explore, they came across a clearing with dismembered bodies of animals and humans about, and Ullr could swear that there was a hatch in the middle of the bodies with eyes looking out. As Tawodi stepped closer, a giant burrowing spider emerged. Nacarius lit and killed the spider quickly with bombs of his own creation. To make sure there were no more in the den, Tawodi jumped down and found more bandit carcasses. In the boot of one was a map showing a dead tree in the shape of a claw on a barren hill, with an "X" marked in blood at its roots.

As the company ventured out of the plains and into the hills, they came across another warg. After it dropped Ullr, it tripped Tawodi as well. The cleric got a swift uppercut on the beast's jaw with his morningstar. After taking damage, the warg decided to flee, but was killed before it could even move. The same day, the group happened upon a lone lightning struck dead oak that looked like a claw on a lone barren hill. With the help of the map, the party found an old cache in the roots. Hidden in the chest was a masterwork dagger, a silver ring, an old waterlogged spell book, and a Wand, that Ullr discovered to be of burning hands.

On the way back to the post and on yet another night watch by Nacarius, the party was ambushed by a large serpentine insect. After taking it down, they took its head to Olaf to claim a reward.



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