Fissure in the Hillside

Hidden Cave of Gold

Leaving the trading post, the adventurers explored rough terrain and one hill in particular stood out to Nyktan and  Ullr. There was a narrow fissure that began near the ground and ran upward to the horizon. Entering this unusual geological feature, Telbin and Nyktan noticed sparkling amid the mineral layers at the rear of this cave and went to investigate. What they discovered was beyond the wildest dreams of what the explorers could've hoped for, because what they found was a vein of gold. The alchemist, due to his studies, and Telbin, for reasons known to himself alone, verified that this was not "fool's gold", but actual pure gold! There were marks indicating earlier digging or mining, but those seemed to have been some time ago. They decided to end the night by taking shelter in the cave so that they could make plans on what to do about their fabulous discovery. Should they keep their find secret? The charter stated they needed to explore and clear their designated area of dangers, but wouldn't sharing news of finding gold create danger by doubtlessly causing a goldrush? The adventurers weren't presently equipped to mine the gold, and it might seem strange if they returned to Oleg's Trading Post with orders for pickaxes and such. The friends assured themselves that the most prudent course of action was to keep the discovery to themselves and the next day took great care to discreetly mark their maps and hide the fissure from prying eyes.



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