Another Odd Creature and Near Disaster

Nyktan, the Mimic, and Snake-Like Being

Moving onward, the adventurers re-entered the forest and came upon something again bizarre in their travels and which none had ever encountered before. It had a snake-like body, though much larger than normal, with cobra-like hood and humanoid face. Luckily it was far enough away that it was oblivious to the explorers and they were careful to keep quiet and out of sight. Taking no notice of them, it moved off in another direction and they waited until they were reasonable sure it was safely gone and that they could continue. Further into the woods, Nyktan's keen catfolk eyes spotted something perched within the hollow of a large tree, and headed toward it. The other adventurers followed behind and it soon became apparent that he's spotted a large treasure chest which he reached out for. Incongruously, the chest grabbed hold of Nyktan and held him fast! It wasn't a treasure chest but a dangerous mimic and trying to fight the monster would be tough with its victim in the way. While they rather hopelessly struggled, there was a sound of unseen tittering laughter and Nyktan slipped from out of the mimic's clutches. He'd been rescued by a grease spell!



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