A Special Fae Encounter

Perlavish and Tig Greet the Explorers

Having had their fun with the adventurers yet again, the faerie dragon Perlavish and grig Tig Titter Tut revealed themselves. They thanked Ullr for his gift of the toffee-candied apple, but were less pleased about the one that Telbin left for them since it was rotten! Overall, they were pleased with the deeds done in the forest so far. These good fae spoke about the strange snake creature with a humanoid face, they called it a naga, and advising leaving it alone. When asked about the mimic in the tree, this really amused them. They claimed to have had nothing to do with what had nearly spelled disaster for Nyktan other than having rescue him using a grease spell, but there was still some doubt if the mimic had been yet more of their inexplicable pranks. Perlavish, also told them of a spring near the entrance to the river that even though it smelled bad, that it was good for their health.



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