A Special Fae Encounter
Perlavish and Tig Greet the Explorers

Having had their fun with the adventurers yet again, the faerie dragon Perlavish and grig Tig Titter Tut revealed themselves. They thanked Ullr for his gift of the toffee-candied apple, but were less pleased about the one that Telbin left for them since it was rotten! Overall, they were pleased with the deeds done in the forest so far. These good fae spoke about the strange snake creature with a humanoid face, they called it a naga, and advising leaving it alone. When asked about the mimic in the tree, this really amused them. They claimed to have had nothing to do with what had nearly spelled disaster for Nyktan other than having rescue him using a grease spell, but there was still some doubt if the mimic had been yet more of their inexplicable pranks. Perlavish, also told them of a spring near the entrance to the river that even though it smelled bad, that it was good for their health.

Another Odd Creature and Near Disaster
Nyktan, the Mimic, and Snake-Like Being

Moving onward, the adventurers re-entered the forest and came upon something again bizarre in their travels and which none had ever encountered before. It had a snake-like body, though much larger than normal, with cobra-like hood and humanoid face. Luckily it was far enough away that it was oblivious to the explorers and they were careful to keep quiet and out of sight. Taking no notice of them, it moved off in another direction and they waited until they were reasonable sure it was safely gone and that they could continue. Further into the woods, Nyktan's keen catfolk eyes spotted something perched within the hollow of a large tree, and headed toward it. The other adventurers followed behind and it soon became apparent that he's spotted a large treasure chest which he reached out for. Incongruously, the chest grabbed hold of Nyktan and held him fast! It wasn't a treasure chest but a dangerous mimic and trying to fight the monster would be tough with its victim in the way. While they rather hopelessly struggled, there was a sound of unseen tittering laughter and Nyktan slipped from out of the mimic's clutches. He'd been rescued by a grease spell!

The Bear and the Shrine
Cleansing the Hidden Shrine of Erastil

The adventurers left the woods and came across a clearing with a circle of large worn stones much taller than any of them, a stagnant pool gathered within a low wall, and a series of crumbling stairs leading to what appeared to be the wide mouth of a large cave. Nyktan knelt and prayed to his god Erastil, for whom he believed this space had been consecrated. Before long, this drew the notice of a large bear that had made the cave its den. Tawodi felt that this creature had violated the sanctity of this hallowed ground but Nyktan was undeterred by the bear, perhaps believing it was a sacred guardian of the woodland shrine. When the bear rushed out to ferociously engage Nyktan, the party had to make a quick decision about the somewhat unlikely goodness of the bear or saving their companion's life! Rather than see the catfolk ranger crushed in cruel embrace, they leapt into action and moved to protect him. After the struggle and the bear's collapse into death, the form of the bear shifted to that of a wizened old man, and then disintegrated into dust. Thereafter, cleansing magic scoured the circle of standing stones and the water in the pool became clear and refreshing. The adventurers ascended the steps, now renewed, and entered a sacred space that had been carved from the side of a low hill. There was evidence of the bear having laired there, but even this was being swept away by divine power. The shrine had been reconsecrated, the heroes deeds favored by Erastil, and more of the land made safe and secure from dangers.

The Flying Creature
Weird creature, perhaps abberant or fae?

After heading south into forested terrain, the adventures encountered a creature about the size of a common cat able to fly on it own with unseemly eyes and a particularly large mouth. It was originally unclear if the being was hostile, but since their charter asked for the clearing out of dangers, the adventures were left with little choice but to engage. After it perceived their notice, the creature shrunk down to the size of an insect and skittered away into the underbrush. Everyone moved into better formation; Tawodi headed in the direction last seen and while doing so was swatted by the thing. Its intentions now determined, Tawodi struck back. The alchemist aimed where he assumed it to be, but that served to arouse the creature's anger and the only good that did was bring it into the open. Most attacks seemed to be evaded, and even those that clearly hit seemed barely to scratch it. Ullr and Telbin brought their ranged skill to bear, while Tawodi, Nyktan, and Vendrix encircled the creature to combat it up close. Perhaps the monster had power over the mind, because it seemed like Telbin aimed awful close to his newfound companions and Nacarius tried to take a bite of his rapier. Calling upon the divine, Tawodi leeched of its essence with small effect. Also calling upon a god of somekind, Ullr fired an arrow that seemed to glow with a holy light that stuck true. Frustratingly, it seemed as though the monster had defenses against attack both martial and magical. After taking a few knocks, the monster ascended out of their sight and range, but the mental effects lingered and the alchemist had to be pummeled. Tawodi called upon Desna, who provided healing. The monster left of its volition, hardly suffering defeat by the adventurers, which left them puzzled. Was this weird creature aberrant or fae, or even rare to these woods? What was the likelihood of its return or attacks from more of its ilk? Perhaps there was more to the Stolen Lands than any of them could've guessed.

Fissure in the Hillside
Hidden Cave of Gold

Leaving the trading post, the adventurers explored rough terrain and one hill in particular stood out to Nyktan and  Ullr. There was a narrow fissure that began near the ground and ran upward to the horizon. Entering this unusual geological feature, Telbin and Nyktan noticed sparkling amid the mineral layers at the rear of this cave and went to investigate. What they discovered was beyond the wildest dreams of what the explorers could've hoped for, because what they found was a vein of gold. The alchemist, due to his studies, and Telbin, for reasons known to himself alone, verified that this was not "fool's gold", but actual pure gold! There were marks indicating earlier digging or mining, but those seemed to have been some time ago. They decided to end the night by taking shelter in the cave so that they could make plans on what to do about their fabulous discovery. Should they keep their find secret? The charter stated they needed to explore and clear their designated area of dangers, but wouldn't sharing news of finding gold create danger by doubtlessly causing a goldrush? The adventurers weren't presently equipped to mine the gold, and it might seem strange if they returned to Oleg's Trading Post with orders for pickaxes and such. The friends assured themselves that the most prudent course of action was to keep the discovery to themselves and the next day took great care to discreetly mark their maps and hide the fissure from prying eyes.

Meeting New Adventurers
Nyktan, Vendrix LaBon, and Telbin join.

After returning to Olaf's Trading Post, the group showed Olaf the head to claim yet another reward. Sadly he stated that it was not the Tatzlwyrm as they had hoped but just a whiptail worm and that they are common. Keston told the returning adventurers that Brevoy had sent more explorers after hearing of the demise of Reshoy to the Owlbear. The band met Nyktan, a catfolk ranger, Vendrix LaBon of Brevoy, and the shadowy Telbin who were also chartered by Brevoy to explore the Greenbelt. After losing one barbarian to the call of a settled life in the trading post and the death of the other one, the party accepted them and out into the wilderness they went.

Exploring the East
Alchemy, Night terrors and a spider's treasure

Svetlana was extremely grateful for the radishes, when they returned. Before the party left again, Jhad asked them to keep a lookout for the lost temples to Erastil, with a prominent one guarded by a large bear. The party also met a new face at the post. Another adventurer chartered to explore the area to help due to the change in heart of Boh. An elf alchemist that goes by the name of Nacarius Libo. We also were told of another rumor.

  • A bridge crossing the Shrike River had been burned by bandits and was now haunted by the ghost of Davile Nevils.

With the once again large party, they ventured off to the east. Not far into their trek, they came across a large Owlbear in the distance. It seemed full from hunting, but Reshoy decided to run after it. Tawodi and Nacarius looked confused and shocked by the barbarian, as Ullr shouted to Reshoy that it seemed like a bad idea. But it was too late. With 2 swipes the barbarian went down and with another 2 was disemboweled and carried off to the south by the creature. Filled with grief but determined to complete the charter, the 3 adventurers continued east. During the first night with the new party member, during Nacarius's very first watch, they were ambushed by a werewolf. When all hope seemed lost, the sun rose and the creature fell unconscious and transformed back to a man. As Ullr, stood up and placed a blade at the lycanthrope's throat, the party noticed that he was missing his left eyebrow. After being interrogated, it was discovered that this was Fulgrim and that when he transforms he suffers amnesia. He didn't remember the company he was with but remembers being accused of their murders. The company decided to bind him and knock him out to transfer Fulgrim back to Olaf's and into Keston's custody immediately. When back at the post, the party warned Keston of Fulgrim's Lycanthropy. While Keston decided what to do with his new prisoner, the party made orders with Olaf for special items.

Back in the wild, the company came across a hut to the east with many tracks to and from the building and the road nearby. As they approached, an old weathered man stepped out and greeted them as Bokun. He told them that he moved from the cities for more quiet and easier access to ingredients. The one component that is outside his ability and time to acquire was fangberries. The party offered to bring some back for him. Bokun told them that he only needed enough for 7 potions, that they had to be clean, and that they were 60 miles due south from Olaf's. As a reward, upon delivery he offered a 25% discount for a month. Before they left, Tawodi filled his rain barrels and offered to convince Keston to send a patrol around every so often to check up on him. As they continued to explore, they came across a clearing with dismembered bodies of animals and humans about, and Ullr could swear that there was a hatch in the middle of the bodies with eyes looking out. As Tawodi stepped closer, a giant burrowing spider emerged. Nacarius lit and killed the spider quickly with bombs of his own creation. To make sure there were no more in the den, Tawodi jumped down and found more bandit carcasses. In the boot of one was a map showing a dead tree in the shape of a claw on a barren hill, with an "X" marked in blood at its roots.

As the company ventured out of the plains and into the hills, they came across another warg. After it dropped Ullr, it tripped Tawodi as well. The cleric got a swift uppercut on the beast's jaw with his morningstar. After taking damage, the warg decided to flee, but was killed before it could even move. The same day, the group happened upon a lone lightning struck dead oak that looked like a claw on a lone barren hill. With the help of the map, the party found an old cache in the roots. Hidden in the chest was a masterwork dagger, a silver ring, an old waterlogged spell book, and a Wand, that Ullr discovered to be of burning hands.

On the way back to the post and on yet another night watch by Nacarius, the party was ambushed by a large serpentine insect. After taking it down, they took its head to Olaf to claim a reward.

Moon Radishes
Rumors and Revenge

As they came back to Olaf's, Keston rewarded them for completing the bounty placed on the bandits. He also told the party to keep a lookout for a mercenary named Fulgrim. Fulgrim had been hired, but he stole from his company and made off to join the bandits. He would be easier to recognize as a human missing his left eye brow because he burned it off, and that Restov wanted him brought back alive. Svetlana also asked the party to bring back some moon radishes so that she could make some Moon Radish Soup for her husband. She pointed to a point 16 miles south as to where they are located. Also from the others in the Trading post, they had heard some rumors.

  • <s>A trapper had been lost in the woods. He was ill-tempered and had not been seen for days.</s>
  • The Stag Lord is the king of the bandits and is still at large.
  • The amulet that the bandits carry, represents a cult to a hideous animal demon.
  • <s>The Frog tribe in the east had began to move west to expand their territory and had closed down the East Sellin River, which was the main trade river in the east.</s>

The group decided to go south to get the moon radishes since they were relatively close. As they marched, they entered a somewhat swampy part of the forest and were attacked by some Boggards (seemingly the frog tribe of the east). The battle was short but they had killed Tawodi's horse. As they rode upon the radish patch, they found a group of kobolds sleeping off a lunch. Reshoy snuck up and stabbed one with his own spear, and turned and quickly dispatched 2 more with his greatsword. As Tawodi turned to finish off the last one, the beast from before (possibly a warg) crept up, but was spotted by Ullr. It quickly killed off Reshoy's horse, but with teamwork from all 3 adventurers, it went down. The party then grabbed some of the radishes and returned to Olaf's with them.

Westward Bound
Traps, Tricks and Beasts

After returning to the Post, the band was met with some new faces from Brevoy. Keston Garess, a captain of the 4 guards sent to help protect Olaf's, and Jhad Kavken, a priest of Erastil, had made themselves comfy in the post. Seeing all of these new faces starting to settle down in these wild lands, Boh the Barbarian decided that he was not ready for a true adventure just yet and wanted to stay to help protect Olaf, and that in the coming weeks he may change his mind. As they left to the west, the party traveled into the forest close to Olaf's. Throughout the forest there were many tricks that seemed to be played on the party. Ullr had rocks placed in his hood and Reshoy had his waterskin pierced. But the worst of the pranks were those upon Tawodi. While making a fire, it seemed to explode in his face, and while trying to get off his horse, himself and his horse, Glupot, slipped as if standing on grease. After a quick reflex, Reshoy narrowly avoided a bear trap. After some tracking from Ullr (who seems to be quite skilled in it), Reshoy was able to find 29 bear traps that were thrown about with no true plan for trapping or for defense. After finding the traps, a pack of wolves set upon the party. After taking them down, Tawodi felt that Desna would disapprove of his actions, and healed 2 of them and watched them flee.

As they exited the forest, the group came across the plains on the other side of their territory. Off in the distance, Ullr spotted a small piled of stones that did not seem natural. After some magical prodding, Tawodi decided to dig up the cairn much to the disgust of Ullr and Reshoy. In the grave was an old body of a barbarian from Numeria, buried with his weapons, as well as a green ring with an eel on it that seemed to have a magical aura. Tawodi and Reshoy replaced the cairn and made sure to be respectful of the fallen warrior, while Ullr determined that the ring was a magical Ring of Swimming. The next morning, they came across a large black dog that seemed to be eating a rabbit. As it noticed the party, it spoke in common to the barbarian. "Rabbits are great but I think you would be a better meal," and decided to attack the group. Ullr got a few arrows into it, before Tawodi commanded the beast to flee.

As the company headed back into the forest, they came across a large deadfall that had killed its trapmaster and also some mysterious tracks of a lizard the size of a cat. Soon a very unexpected and mysterious hailstorm with high winds fell on the forest. As they continued on through the storm, Ullr got a quick glimpse of large butterfly wings that he believed were that of a faerie dragon. Tawodi channeled some healing in the direction that Ullr pointed out, to hopefully gain the respect of the creature and heal any unexpected wounds from the hail. After the storm, they decided to head back to the trading post to heal up and resupply.

Into the Stolen Lands
The sloth of Bandits

The Greenbelt, an area between Brevoy and the lawless River Kingdoms, has long been an area of contention and dispute. To try and rectify this, Brevoy has chartered three parties to explore, clear out bandits, and help the people in the land. One of the parties was dispatched to Olaf's Trading Post. These brave one are the heroes of our story.

The heroes are Reshoy Fin, an Aasimar Numerian barbarian; the dwarf barbarian Boh, seemingly of noble lineage; Tawodi of the Hawk, Aasimar War Cleric of Desna, with golden eyes and adorned in feathers; and Ullr, a hooded Elf of small stature who seems a bit religious with an air of mystery about him.

Upon entering the Trading Post, the band met Olaf and his wife Svetlana. Speaking with them over dinner, Olaf and Svetlana told them that the bandits plaguing the area have been coming monthly to take goods from the trading post as protection money, and had also stolen Svetlana's ring. The bandits would be back a little after dawn tomorrow to grab the next payment. Their leader seemed to be a white-haired crazy woman wielding two handaxes. The party decided to stay the night and get up before dawn to set an ambush for the bandits. Early the next morning, four bandits rode into the trading post and began to harass Olaf. Jumping on a table and loosing an arrow, Ullr sprang the ambush. Tawodi quickly bashed one with a barn door while Reshoy and Boh cleaned up the others. One was captured and questioned, so that the band learned their camp was 30 miles south on the Thorn River. The captured bandit was left in Olaf's custody, and the adventurers headed south towards that camp.

They found the camp, and discovered that lookouts were on guard from high perches. The furthest lookout quickly took three arrows in the chest and fell from his lofty perch, while Boh and Ullr took down a minion on the ground. Tawodi and Reshoy rushed the leader. When Reshoy charged the leader, Tawodi threw alchemist's fire on the last lookout in his perch, hitting him right in the face. The two barbarians quickly took down the crazy woman. After she was knocked unconscious and the camp looted for what could be carried off, the adventurers departed the camp. When the crazy woman came to, she was questioned but refused to cooperate. Boh sliced her throat. Content that this bandits' camp close to the Trading Post had been dealt with, the party returned to Olaf's, still with no further information about the Stag Lord, overall leader of the bandits, or his whereabouts.


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