Welcome to Kingmaker. The players guide for this adventure can be found here. I ask that the Myth-Weavers Pathfinder (non experimental) character sheets be used unless another way to review your sheet is available. Some of the excel character sheets are great but too big to email easily.

Pathfinder rules can be found here and character creation here. Use the Epic Fantasy (25) point buy for creation. ONLY PAIZO BOOKS ARE ALLOWED. Most of the D20PFSRD pages list the source book at the base of the webpage.

Core Races, standard races, Aasimar and Teiflings are fine but expect some challenges if you decide to play a hobgolin, drow or other typically untrusted race. No evil alignments.

Core, Base, and Hybrid classes are OK. No Summoners or Gunslingers (Except Bolt Ace Archetype). Prestige classes area allowed when you earn them.

Deities Reference


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